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Explorer Unit

The Antrim Hills in winter
All Explorers (14.5-18) in Mid-Antrim District, including St. Columba's, meet occasionally for Explorer only events. This allows Explorers to get to know more like-minded people and provide even more adventurous and fun activities with people their age. Explorers at St. Columba's play an active role as Young Leaders, helping with one or more of the other younger sections, learning many skills that will prove valuable later in life.

Most often our Young Leaders help with the Scout section, teaching various skills and assisting with running of games. Most Friday evening meetings have a large component of Explorer-only time to plan their own activities. This is facilitated primarily by leader Aaron Coates, with the eager assistance of several other Scout and Cub section leaders.
You're never too old to join the Scout Association! Newcomers are always most welcome - Indeed a few Explorers have joined us in the last few years having never previously been part of Scouts.

For more information about Explorers, contact Aaron Coates or one of the Scout Leaders either directly, by using the Contact Us page, or email info@stcolumbasscouts.co.uk.