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Badges & Activities

Our aim at St.Columba's is to have every Scout leaving with the respected 'Chief Scout's Gold Award'. The requirements of this badge include the obtainment of all
the 'Challenge' badges
(listed below). As a group, we will undertake various activities to meet the criteria for each challenge badge. In the process, relevant 'Activity' badges will be awarded.
In addition to the badges undertaken as part of the Chief Scout's Gold Award, several other activity badges will be recieved. The leadership team is open to suggestions from the scouts for any badges they wish to undertake as a group. However, it should be noted that Scouts are encouraged to complete badges independently as long as they first discuss their aims with the leadership team. All badges can be found on the scout website badge section.
The final type of badge awarded are 'Staged' badges. We will be training Scouts to at least level 3 First Aid. Other staged badges include those for swimming, music and nights away. The latter of these will be awarded in conjunction with various Hiking, Outdoor, Adventure etc badges.
Separate from awarded badges, some badges will be issued for identification purposes. These include the purple badge on the shirt pocket (worn by scouts worldwide) and the district badges on the right sleeve. Cubs also receive a 'Moving On' Award upon transfer into the Scout Troop. Correct placement of the badges on uniform can be found here.

Challenge Badges

  • The Promise Challenge
  • The Community Challenge
  • The Fitness Challenge
  • The Creative Challenge
  • The Global Challenge
  • The Outdoor Challenge
  • The Outdoor Plus Challenge*
  • The Adventure Challenge*
  • The Expedition Challenge*
*Only two of these challenges require completion in order to attain the Chief Scout's Gold Award.

Badges to be awarded soon include

  • First Aid Stage 3 Badge
  • My Faith Activity Badge
  • Creative Challenge Badge
  • Promise Challenge Badge