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Packing a Rucksack

  • Pack the bag yourself. This way you will know where everything is and it is your own fault if you have forgotten anything.

  • As you pack check the weight. You will be the one carrying it so ditch what you don't need.

  • Spread things out among your group. You don't all need soap and also remember that the Trangia and tents will be split between group members so everyone carries their share.

  • When packing split your gear into groups of things you will use at the same time i.e. a complete change of clothes together not spread through the sack. Use labelled bags (waterproof) to separate these groups of items.

  • Double bag anything that is likely to leak.

  • Most rucksacks have numerous side pockets and hanging points. Make good use of them by placing drinks, snacks, first aid kit etc in them for easy access.

  • Keep a torch, whistle, map and compass handy.

  • Ensure the rucksack is evenly balanced to improve comfort whilst walking.

  • When packing try to keep the heavy things at the top (e.g. tent) and lighter things at the bottom (i.e. roll-mat and sleeping bag).

  • Don’t struggle getting a pack on and off alone.  Ask for help to prevent pulling a muscle.

  • Add something bright and luminous to the back of your pack to make it stand out in poor visibility.

  • Don’t forget your waterproofs even if it’s hot weather.

  • Use a checklist to ensure you have not forgotten anything!