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The Countryside Code

The following is information that you should know when going on walks in the countryside whether they are with Scouts or not. Therefore, some of the information will not apply during your expeditions but you must still be aware of it.

  • Refer to up-to-date maps or guidebooks.
  • You're responsible for your own safety so be prepared for changes in weather and other events.
  • Check weather condittions before you leave so you can include all necessary clothing etc.
  • Leave gates and property as you find them (make sure the last in group closes any gates behind you.
  • If you think a sign is illegal or misleading e.g. 'Private - No Entry' tell someone.
  • In fields with crops follow paths whenever possible.
  • Use the gates, stiles etc. provided.
  • Do not damage hedges or fences by attempting to cross them. (Remember barbed wire is highly effective at ripping waterproof trousers!)
  • Do not disturb ruins or historical sites.
  • Leave machinery and livestock alone - don't interfere with animals even if you think they're in distress. (Alert someone instead)
  • If you come across a carcass do not touch or pick up bones.
  • Consider others - Keep out of the way when farm animals are being gathered or moved and follow directions from the farmer.
  • If you are walking on a road beware of cars. Walk in single file at the side of the road and, if necessary, stop and allow a car to pass.
  • Many parts of the countryside lack mobile phone signal so ensure you follow the route cards and if in doubt ask!
  • You will not be lighting any fires unsupervised. After lighting a trangia be careful with the match. Never top-up meths in an alight trangia!
  • Litter and leftover food doesn't just spol the beauty of the countryside, it can be dangerous to wildlife and farm animals and can spread disease - so hold onto your litter.
  • Remember - dropping litter and dumping rubbish are criminal offences.
  • Leave the campsite as you found it, if not better.
 Item  Time to decompose
 Tin Can  50 years
 Aluminium can  200 years
 Plastic bottle  450 years
 Apple Core  2 months