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Squirrel Drey

Welcome to the online home of St. Columba's Squirrels Ballymena!
St. Columba's Squirrels

The Squirrels make up the youngest section of the Scouting family consisting of those aged 4-6 years. Northern Ireland is leading the way for the rest of the UK as it did with Beaver Scouts and as such there are no official squirrels in the mainland. However, the section has recently been recognised as part of the Northern Ireland Scouting family. Youngsters come along for fun and games with others their age in a friendly setting.

Meetings: Wednesdays 1830-1930
                 St. Columba's Church Hall (Click here to view map)
                 Grove Rd - Doury Rd Junction, Ballymena
St Columba’s Squirrels were formed in 2005. The leaders are Ann Hughes and Paul Houston. For any enquires please contact the leaders either directly, through the Contact Us page, or by email: info@stcolumbasscouts.co.uk. Newcomers are always welcome!
We try to have a little structure but mainly we have fun and get the children to interact and take part in games and exercises that hopefully stimulate them, and bring them out of their shells. The squirrels do not have proficiency badges as in the other groups but we award attendance badges for after 9 months and 18 months. A membership badge is presented by the dray when a squirrel states the promise and prayer in an induction ceremony.
St Columba's Squirrels celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Ballymena
  • Games - here we try to get the squirrels to be competitive, act within a team environment, and just to get some co-ordination and fun.
  • Cooking - basic cookery like buns, cakes, pancakes etc are always loved by the dray, and it's always a "scrum" as to who licks the spoon!
  • Crafts - various key events during the year may inspire what we help the squirrels to make from a selection of materials, and to bring home as pride of place on the fridge or mantlepiece.
  • Messy Play - we like to make "stuff" that the squirrels can have fun with, and see what physical effects some of these things have.
  • Out of Hall - Now and again we arrange visits to places like the Fire Brigade or some play activity area.
We only have two set times during the night - the opening ceremony, and the closing. We say our promise at the start and our prayer at the end:
The Squirrel Promise
I promise to be a good squirrel, and to love God.
The Squirrel Prayer
We place our hands together, and close our eyes up tight, and ask you dear Lord Jesus, to help us do things right - Amen